Hello World!

So I decided it was time to make my very own Gem of Magic blog for my writings that were too long to fit on Twitter.

Writing is a passion of mine, as is Magic the Gathering, and I have lately been finding myself writing little mini essays that I may as well share in case anyone else finds them helpful or interesting.

I am not a pro player, not even close, I play at a casual level, and the kinds of topics I write about tend to be about the game as a community rather than the nitty gritty nuts and bolts. 

That being said, I have a passion for deck-building and it is my aim to become a skilled deck-builder and share decklists with the magic community. 

Mostly I made this blog as a way to express my thoughts in a place where it isn’t likely to annoy anyone. I have a LOT of passion when it comes to Magic the Gathering, and I would love to share that passion with you.


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