About the Blog

This blog is a collection of writings and other content about the card game Magic the Gathering. All works here are solely made by Gem unless indicated otherwise.

About Gem

Gem lives in Brisbane, Australia and first started playing Magic the Gathering in February 2016. Her favourite creature types are aetherborn and selkies, and her favourite colours are black with a splash of red or mono-green.
She plays many different formats at a casual/beginner level.
Her favourite format is sealed deck, because it combines deck-building with limited play and puts players on a relatively even playing field.

Other than Magic the Gathering, Gem enjoys writing fiction and poetry, plotting to solve climate change, reading fantasy fiction, playing Dungeons & Dragons, playing old school PC games like Ultima 6 & 7, Baldur’s Gate, and Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

Most of all she enjoys spending time with her young son, who keeps her days busy and full of love.